Extra Features

The controller includes additional features to make your job easier:


You can use the built in GPS to measure the distance from the OCU to the vehicle, ensuring enough stand off distance for your mission.

Photo Capture

Photos can be taken using any vehicle camera. The photos can be saved to a PC and easily used in court or for mission review.

Instant Replay

The system maintains a running "instant replay" video recording of the last several minutes of the mission. Instant replays can be saved to a PC.

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The Megalith Digital Radio Controller is the ONLY system that can use a digital repeater or integrate with a CommandLink product. It's the most affordable high performance, no-license-required system--with the advanced features you need.

(Megalith Digital Controller replaced the Monolith in 2008.)

The Megalith Digital Control system is priced at only $28,150 but routinely out-performs the competition. In fact, the only other digital radio system on the market--the Remotec Talisman--is nearly DOUBLE the price (close to $60,000) but offers few of our features.

Click here for Megalith CL--a Megalith Radion with aCommandLink system buit in! For more on CommandLink systems, go here.

Remotec originally contracted with Lithos Robotics to make its digital radio. The relationship did not work out and we took our radio, improved it, and went directly to the end-user. So, our radio is designed for Remotec robots WITH Remotec's input. That's why it works seamlessly with their robots and doesn't violate their warranty.

Why go with Megalith instead of Talisman? Here are a few reasons...

  • Megalith has better penetration into concrete and metal buildings;

  • Megalith has a repeater to double range or improve signal in crowded urban environments;

  • Megalith-equipped robots are recoverable if there is a signal loss--Talisman-equipped robots require humans to go into harm's way to get the robot back;

  • Megalith is designed to integrate with our CommandLink products, which will allow seamless sharing of video and audio data.

  • Megalith is the successor to the Monolith Digital Radio. We built the Monolith on the patten that was approved by Remotec itself.

We've Megalith and Monolith radios for half a decade and never has any of our radios caused any malfunction, short circuit, or damage to ANY Remotec robot. Ever. No matter what Remotec might tell you!

This system is designed to allow you to work without the hassles of fiber optic cable in a wide variety of environments. Contact us today for a free trial to see if it is the right tool to help you do your job better, faster, and safer.

The Megalith Digital Controller is also upgradeable as technology advances, protecting your investment for the future.

System includes:

  • Vehicle Control Module
  • OCU Control Module
  • Vehicle Interface Cable
  • OCU Interface Cable
  • Pelican Storage Case
  • One Year Warranty



Our controller is simple - one part mounts on the vehicle, one part is connected to the OCU via a 25' long cable (longer cables are also available). The controller is plug and play compatible with your robot with no modifications required. The two parts can be stowed (nearly fully assembled) in the convenient Pelican case when not in use, or the vehicle radio can be kept installed on the vehicle at all times. No complicated, multi-step process required to get up and running.


Screwdrivers are easy. Hammers are easy. Our controller is easy. At it's most basic level, the controller is a radio, transmitting high quality video from the vehicle to the OCU, control signals from the OCU to the vehicle, and audio in both directions. But, the controller is more than just a radio. Extra features can be accessed through an easy, intuitive menu system: just place the vehicle in "Safety", then use the drive joystick to access on screen menus and functions.


The reality is that no radio will work all the time in every environment, including ours. But, we strive to make our radio work very reliably in the types of environments that you typically encounter. We also tell you the types of environments it WON'T work well so that you can choose the proper tool for the job at hand.

The Megalith Digital Controller works well:

  • Line of sight (up to 2.5 km, 1.5 miles)
  • In parking lots
  • In and around residential buildings
  • In and around commercial buildings

Performance will be degraded:

  • In or around metal walled buildings
  • In buildings with thick walls, such as arenas



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The Megalith Digital Controller is specifically designed for the following Remotec robots:

• F6A series
• 5A1
• Mini-II
• Wolverine


Other Megalith Information:

State of New Jersey chooses Megalith over Remotec



Test Results



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System includes:

  • Vehicle Control Module
  • OCU Control Module
  • Vehicle Interface Cable
  • OCU Interface Cable
  • Pelican Storage Case
  • One Year Warranty


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